St. James & St. John Church of England Primary School A village school in the heart of the city 4 Craven Terrace, London W2 3QD Tel: 0207 504 0535 E-mail:
St. James & St. John Church of England Primary SchoolA village school in the heart of the city 4 Craven Terrace, London W2 3QDTel: 0207 504 0535E-mail:
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Leadership Team

Head Teacher 


EYFS Phase Leader

Y1 to Y3 Phase Leader

Y4 to Y6 Phase Leader

Mr Mark Hewitt

Mr Liam Peters

Miss Alison Fish

Max O'Donoghue

Alastair Pearson

Teaching Staff

Nursery Teacher

Reception teacher

Year 1 Teacher
Year 2 Teacher
Year 3 Teacher
Year 4 Teacher
Year 5 Teacher
Year 6 Teacher

Spanish Teacher

Miss Sandra Salas Perez

Miss Alison Fish

Miss Eniko Koltai

Miss Laura Place

Mr Max O'Donoghue

Mrs Gemma Chadwick

Mr Liam Peters

Mr Alastair Pearson

Mrs Kate Bodell


Support Staff

Miss Alessandra Fertilo

Mrs Shilla Dodia

Mrs Shirlee Domalanta

Mrs Helen Pattenden

Miss Sanne Pagen

School Office Staff

School administrator

Finance and personnel assistant

Site Manager


Mrs Vera Hoti

Mrs Funke Jenfa

Mr  Tony Elie

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