St. James & St. John Church of England Primary School 4 Craven Terrace, London W2 3QD Tel: 0207 504 0535 E-mail:
St. James & St. John Church of England Primary School 4 Craven Terrace, London W2 3QDTel: 0207 504 0535E-mail:
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The School

The school operates on two sites. Children in the Foundation Stage are housed in the crypt of St James’s Church, whilst those in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are housed in the main building in Craven Terrace. The two buildings offer children peaceful, safe and  welcoming environments in which to learn. There are 2 Foundation Stage classes, 2 Key Stage 1 classes and 4 Key Stage 2 classes. The school roll is 200 with approximately 25 pupils in each class.

The school is located in an urban area and within walking distance of many of London’s museums and galleries. These are regularly used to enrich the curriculum and widen children’s experiences, helping us to provide stimulating experiences and opportunities to develop intellectual ability.


We strive to establish strong partnerships between school staff, parents and pupils as we believe that this is a key factor in helping all children to reach their full potential. St James & St. John children are happy, challenged, valued and are able to flourish and contribute towards school life.

For more detailed information about our school please have a look at our School Prospectus.

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