Daily Home Learning

Parents and Carers, in an effort to help with routine and to offer some sort of learning support at home, we are providing daily learning tasks for students that could be completed by the students either independently or with adult help.


There is no obligation to complete all of the Daily Home Learning tasks or submit them for feedback. 


For further information related to learning in each class, please use the links on the left-hand side.


If you would like a learning support call for your child, please contact the school office at: office@stjstj.co.uk and a memeber of the Pastoral and Learning Support Team will contact you to arrange a time.


Well done to everyone for being such fantastic learners this week and especially our first recipients of the St. James & St. John Virtual School Awards. Take a look at the Our Vision and Values Honorees page to see the first list of names.


Please look out for your certificate in your inbox. These certificates will continue to be awarded each Friday of school terms.


During regular Achievement Collective Worships, we select 5 people's names from the School Vision box. From next week, we'd like parents, carers and students to submit the names of people they have seen living out our school vision. Simply complete the form below and email to office@stjstj.co.uk with the subject heading SCHOOL VISION AWARD and we will select 5 submissions, using a random number generator, to identify the amazing examples of how people are living out our vision.

I have seen _____________________________ living out our school vision.


They ___________________________________________________________________________



From _________________________________

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