School Times

At St. James & St. John, the school day starts at 8:55 am for pupils in all stages. The school day ends at 3:15pm for the pupils in the Early Years Foundation Stage and at 3:30pm for all other pupils. All children have one hour for lunch and at least one playtime during the school day, depending on their age.

Drop-off and Collection

The main school door on Craven Terrace opens at 8:45am when the children may enter the playground. Parents are discouraged from entering the school building to avoid congestion. At 8:55am the children line up ready to go into their classrooms at 9:00am.


For Nursery and Reception, the gate to the crypt of St. James’s church opens at 8:55am. The pupils are welcomed into school by either the class teacher or teaching assistant. The parents are kindly asked to stay out of the playground to avoid congestion.


The end of the school day can be fairly stressful for both teachers and parents as they try to match pupils with their parents. It is very important that every child is accounted for as they leave the school and handed safely to their parent or guardian. Please be patient with us, especially over the first few weeks of the academic year when we are not yet familiar with parents’ faces. In order to make the process as quick as possible, we would appreciate parents waiting in the playground.

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