Our Vision and Values Honorees

Congratulations to these recipients of the St. James & St. John School Vision and Values Awards this week.


Your teachers have identified that you have demonstrated how to live out the school's vision or one of the school's values in some truly inspiring ways.

Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness."

John 10:10


School Vision Award

for showing a love of learning, being creative and extending his learning by creating new activities.


School Value Award


for showing perseverance and effort everyday in all the activities and not giving up when something is difficult.



School Vision Award


for showing high levels of progress, adapting himself to a new routine and all his effort in daily homework.


School Value Award


for showing joy everyday in her learning and effort in all the activities.


Year 1

School Vision Award


for living out the school vision by embracing her mistakesand insisting to green pen her own work. Keep up the hard work!


School Value Award


for the joy that shines through all her science learning this week, especially her Tropical Island habitat, she drew, inspired by her dream.


Year 2

School Vision Award


for always listening carefully to feedback to help her complete a high standard of work. With little prompting, she has used some outstanding vocabulary this week. Well done!


School Value Award


for showing perseverance and patience when learning tricky concepts with fractions. Well done for not giving up and being so patient! 


Year 3

School Vision Award


for completing all of his tasks to a consistently high standard and for showing great pride in his work since online learning began.


School Value Award


for her perseverance in completing her tasks, and for her willingness to learn from her mistakes.


Year 4

School Vision Award


for his total, unwavering commitment to his learningand developmentin these unusualcircumstances.


School Value Award


for demonstrating the value of trust in submitting all of his work independently this week.


Year 5

School Vision Award


for making the most of the home-learning situation by maintaining a good routine and being proactive in his learning.


School Value Award


for being diligent throughout the week and producing an excellent seriesof diary entries from the perspectiveof one of Jesus' disciples.


Year 6

School Vision Award


for applying herself well to each daily learning task and for showing perseverance in pursuing the right answer to some difficult Maths questions.


School Value Award


for being organisedand efficient in completing and submitting his daily learning tasks.

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