Our Vision and Values Honorees

Congratulations to these recipients of the St. James & St. John School Vision and Values Awards this week.


Your teachers, parents and carers have identified that you have demonstrated how to live out the school's vision or one of the school's values in some truly inspiring ways.

Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness."

John 10:10


School Vision Award


for demonstrating the school vision in many ways during his on-line induction meeting,

for sitting sensibly and singing the alphabet clearly.

He also shared his favourite nursery book which is Peppa Pig’s Birthday.


School Value Award


for showing joy related to sports during his on-line induction meeting and

for his bed time reading routine. Enjoy it Milan!



School Vision Award


for settling into a school routine and immensely enjoying learning alongside his friends.


School Value Award


for joy in beginning to try out writing and reading in his independent learning

and slowly realising that books and words are the key to reading success.


Year 1

School Vision Award


for living school life to the fullest by regularly completing home learning practise tasks independently and updating her teacher on her progress.


School Value Award


for showing understanding and reverence towards her teacher and peers when being asked to play sensibly outside.


Year 2

School Vision Award


for showing an outstanding attitude to learning and developing his skills. Super effort!


School Value Award


for showing joy when solving maths problems in her daily learning. Keep up the hard work.


Year 3

School Vision Award


for working really hard to produce an amazingly colourful and detailed comparison of

 two different countries.


School Value Award


 for showing reverence when engaging in Google video meetings.


Year 4

School Vision Award


for your unwavering commitment to always completing your remote learning tasks, and for letting your personality shine through in our celebration assemblies. Well done! 


School Value Award


for the obvious joy you showed this week when writing an exciting story.


Year 5

School Vision Award


for staying focused on her maths this week, even when some questions were particularly challenging and for generally embracing each school day with a smile and appositive approach.


School Value Award


for persevering with Maths tasks and asking for help if she needs to.


Year 6

School Vision Award


 for her commitment to her learning in school. Well done for always giving 100%


School Value Award


for showing perseverance in his daily P.E sessions.


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