Friday 1st May 2020

Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness."

John 10:10



School Vision Award

for his effort in daily learning and his caring spirit, which was evident when he enthusiastically helped his family set up a Sunday School studio area for St John's church.

School Value Award


for showing fellowship with his family members and always being gentle and showing joy in his learning.



School Vision Award


for living out the school vision by helping at home, spreading joy to me and her family by doing her learning with laughter and perseverance, creating some lovely videos of her phonics sounds and counting back in twos whilst singing Ten Fat Sausages in the pan. A very well deserved award!


School Value Award


for his joy and excitement in being the first child in Reception class to lose a tooth! Aaron lost his first milk tooth this weekend. What a surprise for him! Let's all wonder about how the tooth fairy achieves her social distancing?


Year 1

School Vision Award


for showing more interest in doing the job independently and then checking it herself, not being deterred by setbacks. Keep up the great mindset!


School Value Award


for living school life to the fullest at home, by completing her work independently, helping each other out with her sister and creating a lovely poster for all the hardworking NHS staff!


Year 2

School Vision Award


for completing all tasks with eagerness, and having a willingness to learn from mistakes 


School Value Award


for persevering with his handwriting in all written aspects of his work. What a great attitude to have! 


Year 3

School Value Award


for making a bow and arrow and spending time working out ways to improve it.


Year 4

School Vision Award


for your commitment to always completing your work to a high standard and for writing a very interesting story.


School Value Award


for the joy and pride you take in completing your daily Maths learning.


Year 5

School Vision Award


for being really supportive and mature by helping children younger than him and adults in the school.


School Vision Award


for going above and beyond in her English tasks, this week, to produce some excellent pieces of work.


School Value Award


for his diligence and perseverance in the daily tasks.


Year 6

School Vision Award


for the immense pride you show in home learning, through both the high quality presentation and content of your work.


School Value Award


for showing an impressive level of maturity when resolving an issue with uploading work.



School Vision Award


for making sure that from the first day of Home Learning she has completed every task; working very hard to find information about the different activities (she’s really fond of her junior dictionary). She has been really enjoying it and even finds the time to help her sister with reading.

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