Friday 24th April 2020

Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness."

John 10:10



School Vision Award

for showing an amazing happy moor when doing her homework, being persistent in her learning and for having onfidence and perseverance to complete the tasks even if sometimes these are difficult for her.

School Value Award


for showing perseverance in his writing and for engaging enthusiastically with his learning every day.



School Vision Award


for demonstrating the school vision in videos that show how he is learning with joy, laughter and reverence by conducting his own organised role-play as the teacher, pointing to phonemes in CVC words and counting out Cocoa Krispies.


School Value Award

Aiden and Leo

for showing their fellowship by playing kindly together in a cardboard box and sharing pencils with calm reverence at a table.


Year 1

School Vision Award


for excitedly looking forward to feedback and acting upon it. Great mindset, Jason! Keep it up!


School Value Award


for her audible, confident and humorous performance of We're Going On A Bear Hunt.


Year 2

School Vision Award


for living life to the full when demonstrating an excellent imagination when creating a Lego story.


School Value Award


for showing joy when enjoying tasing her own baking efforts this week. 


Year 3

School Vision Award


for continually working hard all week to use all the rules of direct speech and exciting vocabulary in his writing.


School Value Award


for showing joy in using real photographs in a collage to show different aspects of who she is.


Year 4

School Vision Award


for the immense pride you show in home learning, through both the high quality presentation and content of your work.


School Value Award


for demonstrating perseverance when growing and nurturing his avocado seeds.


Year 5

School Vision Award


for approaching her task of writing a diary entry with creativity and diligence, and for the joy she always shows in creative writing.


School Value Award


for persevering in his school work and making great progress in his Maths and English work since September.


Year 6

School Vision Award


for her diligence in completing work, particularly her animation she completed for English.


School Value Award


for the patience, joy and humour he demonstrated when talking on the phone with his mum and his teacher.

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