Friday 26th June 2020

Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness."

John 10:10



School Vision Award

For quietly living out the school vision with her family by sharing her love
and joy in learning and creativity. Well done Nieve!

School Value Award


For demonstrating the school value of joy by being so jolly, making jokes

and spreading laughter amongst friends and staff.



School Vision Award


For living out the school vision by showing joy and a positive attitude

                       toward all the activities whilst collaborating fairly and imaginatively.

                                                               Well done Annabel.


School Value Award


         For or all the effort you put into your learning and for having the confidence

and perseverance to ask for some help when you need it!  Great job Parwiz.


Year 1

School Vision Award


For the resilience in her learning and joyful attitude towards school life.


School Vision Award


For demonstrating a huge improvement in his perseverance when trying to stay focused on his learning. His handwriting and phonics practice was Gold standard this week - well done!


School Value Award


For the fellowship she shows towards her peers, both in the classroom and on the playground.


Year 2

School Vision Award



For showing such joy and enthusiasm in all aspects of her learning in school.

Well done for having such an excellent attitude towards life and learing!


School Value Award


For showing joy when talking with peers and teachers in Google Classroom.

Well done.


Year 3

School Vision Award

For the whole of Year 3

For showing joy, perseverance, trust, forgiveness and reverence when completing all

their work via google classroom.  It really has been so impressive to see all of your dedication  to the learning during these times.


School Value Award


For the hard work and thoughtfulness that she put into describing Alexander from

the story. 


Year 4

School Vision Award


For the perseverance you have shown in improving your handwriting and maintaining a consistently high standard. You are therefore awarded your pen licence.


School Value Award


For ​your happy and enthusiastic participation in our video tutorials.


Year 5

School Vision Award


For persevering with his art after declaring that the didn't like the subject and showing

real joy and perseverance with observational work.


School Value Award


For persevering with maths puzzles after completing his work.


Year 6

School Vision Award


For settling back into the classroom and school life.


School Value Award


For perseverance in her fitness and completing the plank challenge in 2 minutes

and 30 seconds.

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