Thursday 7th May 2020

Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness."

John 10:10



School Vision Award

for showing joy in her learning and demonstrating the vision everyday by caring about her peers and asking the teachers how they are.

School Value Award


for showing perseverance in his daily learning and not giving up when something is difficult for him.



School Vision Award


for your lovely story that certainly embraces the school vision. Mummy explained how you were reminiscing together about an adventure when your bicycle was rescued by fire fighters. What a shock you all had! But once home, dry and safe, you and your family could joyfully laugh about it.


School Value Award


for trusting in her knowledge of phonemes to achieve the expected level of unsupported writing. Using a combination of finger spaces, evenly sized letters with some ascenders and descenders, Nomin’s writing can be read back phonetically. Keep it up Nomin!


Year 1

School Vision Award


for showing several school values throughout the week: reverentially using the resources provided for him; showing joy in his learning; showing perseverance by
completing more practice tasks to get better at phonics and trusting himself that he can achieve his goals. Keep up the good work! Your teachers are very pleased!


School Value Award


for completing extra work independently with determination, practising her letter writing for different purposes and diving into chapter books with pleasure.


Year 2

School Vision Award


for the excellent effort and attitude he shows towards his daily learning, and for taking in and acting upon feedback that he receives. 


School Value Award


for showing such joy when independently completing her work. This is particularly evident when reading Libby's writing that's packed full of exciting and interesting


Year 3

School Vision Award


for spending time making sure all his work is consistently the best it can be.


School Value Award


for perseverance when editing and re-writing her non-chronological report.


Year 4

School Vision Award


for the fantastic achievement of reaching Grade 4 in his piano. It shows such determination and perseverance! Well done, James!


School Value Award


for the immense joy he demonstrated when reading through his new books. It was delightful to hear such enthusiasm when talking about what he had read and looked forward to reading next.


Year 5

School Vision Award


for being so organised and efficient in completing and submitting her home learning tasks every day.


School Vision Award


for his efforts with learning new sounds and spelling over the telephone. He was very focused and able to correct all the mistakes he made. His perseverance was very impressive!


School Value Award


for being conscientious in his home learning and consistently producing interesting pieces of work.


Year 6

School Vision Award


for producing some outstanding pieces of home learning this week, especially in English.


School Value Award


for the joy and pride you take in completing your daily Maths learning.



School Vision Award


for demonstrating real courage and trust to find a solution when dealing with a difficult problem.

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