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At St. James & St. John we stress the importance of pupils attending school regularly and punctually. This is essential for the academic and personal development of the pupils. If a child is absent, parents must inform the school by 9:00am, and it is vital that the reason for the child’s absence is given. We expect that all parents will ensure that their children are in school every day during term time. Being late, or being absent from school causes a lost learning opportunity for the child. For more detailed information see the St. James & St. John Attendance Policy.


  • All children must be in the school playground by 8.55am
  • The school door closes at 9.00am
  • Children must be seated in front of the teacher for registration by 9.00am
  • Parents and children arriving after 9.00am must report to the school office
  • Children who arrive after 9.05am are marked absent for the morning session. This could affect the child's attendance record, and could count as persistent absenteeism
  • All information regarding children who are persistently late is shared with the Education Welfare Officer
  • Due to changes in legislation persistent lateness and absence may result in a fine or prosecution


Disclaimer: Due to this legislation, our School Attendance Policy is currently under review


Doctor or Dentist's Appointments

Appointments with doctors and dentists should only be made outside school hours.

If your child has a hospital appointment during school hours, the school office must be informed in advance, and a copy of the appointment letter produced.

Holiday Requests

Parents are not permitted to take their children out of school for holidays during term time. Parents should note that if their children are taken out of school for holidays this could result in the child being removed from the school roll.

STAR Attendance Scheme

The STAR (School Time and Attendance Reporting) Scheme is an attendance incentive with the goal of creating a school-wide culture and emphasis on attendance and punctuality.


We record the attendance and punctuality of each class on a daily basis. A weekly ranking stating the percentage of attendance is published every week in the School Newsletter.


Simple rewards will be given to the class with the best attendance or to single pupils with a high attendance e.g. certificates, badges, extra playtime, cinema visits, pizza outings or class parties. We find interclass competition to be a powerful motivator as pupils feel accountable to each other for attending class.

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