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Partnership with Parents

We believe that children make most progress when their parents are fully involved in their learning and can offer support when necessary. Parental involvement encourages children to value school work, whilst extra help to practise basic skills ensures consolidation and continued progress. Children benefit when parents and teachers work in partnership so that there are fewer mixed messages. The ultimate aim is for children to develop the ability and confidence to study independently. For more information please see the St. James & St. John Home-School-Agreement.

We welcome parents into the school. A good time to talk to your child’s teacher is at the end of the school day. If this is not convenient, the teacher will be happy to make an appointment. The head teacher is usually in the playground each morning. She will always try to see parents at short notice but if it is not possible then an appointment can be made through the school office. The school also has a permanent Home School Liaison Officer who may be contacted through the school office.


Parents are welcome to join us for assemblies, particularly on Fridays, and at all school events. Please watch out for details in newsletters and in the school diary.

Regular newsletters are sent home about every ten days.


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