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KS2 Outcomes 2017

Year 6 pupils reaching expected levels at the end of Year 6

The table below shows the percentage of pupils achieving expected levels at the end of Year 6 in 2017.

Our year six pupils achieved outcomes above or in line with national averages in most areas with the school's combined score for reading, writing and maths well above the national average.

Key Stage Two 2017

Achieving Expected

St James and St John National
Reading 90% 71%
Writing 81% 76%
Maths 76% 75%

Reading, writing and maths


76% 61%


Year 6 pupils working at greater depth at the end of Year 6

Key Stage Two 2017

Working at greater depth

St James and St John National
Reading 38% 25%
Writing 5% 18%
Maths 52% 23%

You can also find further information about the school in the Department of Education Performance tables at the link below.



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